Build Emotion Faces

This instrument was created to assist a child in almost any type of therapeutic intervention.  Since the knowledge of emotions forms such a basic underlying foundation in emotional intelligence, it can be used as a general tool.  Especially children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders to any degree, as well as children who grow up in environments where emotional expressions and social interactions are limited and which consequently result in children who are confused about facial expressions, will benefit a great deal from this tool.  Through the use of this instrument children can learn what a facial expression representing a specific emotion entails, for example how the eyes narrow when anger is felt, or how the mouth opens in an expression of astonishment.  After building a generic expression with the given images (with the guidance of the therapist) the child can then mimic these expressions by taking a photo within the program and then print the built face and the photo alongside it for future reference.  To a certain extent this instrument can also be used during the assessment period to determine the level of knowledge a child has with regard to emotions and facial expressions in general.  Literally hundreds of different emotional expressions can be built by means of this tool and practiced by making faces and taking photos.  At the same time the child and therapist can interact in a fun way by means of this medium to establish their relationship further.

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The main objective:

The main objective of this instrument is to teach children what the different facial expressions with regard to the various emotions that a person can feel look like, in order to recognize it when seen on others’ faces, or to practice these expressions when a child struggles to express emotions him/herself (for example as is the case with autism spectrum disorders).   By learning about the graphics with regard to facial expressions, e.g. what the eyes look like or how the mouth is pulled when a certain emotion is felt, a child can then compare it to his/her own facial expression when making a face that resembles such an emotion.  This will enhance a child’s recognition of emotion with regard to facial expressions, as well as teach him/her how to manipulate the eyes, mouth and eyebrows to create different expressions, which will in turn enhance social interaction and understanding.


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Intended target group:

Children as young as 3 years and up to teenage years can benefit from this tool.

The instrument was designed to be used with only one child at a time.


The manual and instructions incorporated in the software were written in English, although the product can be used just as effectively in any other language due to the fact that it depends on the language used in communication between the professional and the child and visual images which are language independent.


Preferably a professional (a person professionally trained in the evaluation and therapeutic intervention procedure with children within the human sciences) who has knowledge about emotional functioning in children should facilitate this instrument.  Within a professional context the facilitator will automatically use the instrument in conjunction with his/her training and therefore add to the value of it with his/her expertise.   The process will depend heavily on the facilitator’s experience and level of expertise as a professional working with children in an evaluation and/or therapeutic context.


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System requirements:

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