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System requirements to open and use our products.

How to open a zipped file for a sample product.

How to open a purchased product.

How to take a screenshot and save a page in a product.

How to determine if your computer is a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.

How to replace a purchased product after a computer crash or when your computer is stolen.

Contact us with your request for a new serial key based on the fact that your computer was stolen or crashed.  We will send you a new serial key and deactivate the previous one.  Download the product again from your account page or from the Downloads link on the footer of the website.  Open the product and enter the new serial key.  It will automatically activate the product again.

How to resubscribe after you have unsubscribed from our newsletter mailing list.

Please contact us to request resubscribing you to our mailing list.  Remember to mention your name and email address as entered on our Subscribe to our Newsletter form the first time you subscribed.